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Dialect – NATO’s Bond Villains Meet in Copenhagen

Inside the Memorial Stadium: View from the South Stand to the East (Uplands) Stand with Yeovil Town players warming up before the match with Bristol Rovers. Rovers won 2-1.

plus How secure are vote machines & on-line voting?

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This week we hear from Alex G from radio show Doomwatch.com which he runs from his home town of Peterborough. The BBC made a TV drama series called Doomwatch in the 1970s of the same name which looked at technology going out of control like it is today.

We’re then joined by Jamie Carstairs who is upset by Bristol Rovers’ decision to sell the Memorial Ground to be a Sainsbury’s supermarket. It is in fact a living war memorial to the dead of the first world war but this memorial is being bulldozed to destroy small local shops on Gloucester Road and make money for Bristol Rovers.

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Dialect – Bilderberg: NATO’s Secret Political Lobby with Patrick Henningsen

plus Social Networking – Advisory Guidance for Journalists

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This week we hear from former Corporate Communications professional Patrick Henningsen who’s now the editor of www.21stCenturyWire.com. How is the news we read, see and hear being turned into propaganda and how can we tell the difference between truth and lies when so much money is being spent on spinning what we think? Spinning NATO’s Secret Government Out Of Our Consciousness, Are the recent positive stories about Statins just placed there by the people that manufacture them? Is there still Nazi blood running through the Bilderberg veins.

Bilderberg 2014: Spinning NATO’s Secret Government Out Of Our Conciousness

Bilderberg’s silent takeover of Britain’s $60bn defense budget

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