Dialect – Knightstone Island: Action Fraud spot corruption in North Somerset Council

This is the recently regenerated Knightstone Island and Marine Lake. The photo was taken from the roof of the Cove Cafe whilst the sun was setting over Cardiff. Although known as an Island, Knightstone is actually a promontory as it is connected by Knightstone Causeway to the mainland. A pedestrian causeway also extends north-west from the island, this forms the west bank of Marine Lake.

plus Gail Riplinger on her ‘New Age Bible Versions’ book

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Julian Parry from Weston Super Mare drops byagain this week to recount the various tales of corruption in North Somerset Council… the Tropicana and Knightstone Island as well as waste management feature heavily. Certain individual council officers may have profited from the sale of a lease on Knightstone Island for the princely sum of £1.00 a year when it was worth around a cool £8 million.

Aldous Huxley this week finishes his talk from 1962 entitled ‘The Ultimate Revolution’.

Gail Riplinger begins her exposition of the fruits of her six years of research entitled ‘New Age Bible Versions’ in which she reveals the New International Version of the Bible, to which Rupert Murdoch owns the copyright, has had important verses about fasting and prayer removed.

Dialect – Open Rights Group – Error 451 – getting the internet to tell us what it’s censoring

Digital Surveillance: Why the Snooper's Charter is the wrong approach.

plus Nic Outterside, death of regional journalism is unhealthy for democracy

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This week former newspaper editor Nic Outterside discusses the slow death of regional newspaper journalism. The fact that so few journalists are now working regionally and so many papers have closed is very unhealthy for democracy. Nic also discusses two of his articles on secret US flights over Scotland at Machrihanish air base and also the 1998 Bilderberg conference where a reporter was arrested just for knocking at a door.

Angela Bellassie interviews John Redmand from Standards Against Female Exploitation or SAFE about his campaign to stop people trafficking.

Ed Lander joins us from The Open Rights Group in Bristol and hotfoot from the national conference in London. He also discusses the rights and wrongs of Windows 8 which has arguably been a disaster and ORG’s campaign for more information when the internet is being censored – Error 451.

Dialect – Writing poetry: overcoming the legacy of child sexual abuse

Movie poster for Rich Peppiatt's film One Rogue Reporter, a pastiche of the poster for Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, with a press reporter's hat instead of an army helmet

plus One Rogue Reporter: Richard Peppiatt comes to Bristol

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Simon Chapman joins us from the Bristol branch of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to tell us about a screening and discussion the union is organising at the Cube Cinema at 7:30pm on Fri 21 November.

Simon also discusses the redundancy of local staff reporters, press regulation and the owners of the Bristol Evening Post ‘Local World’, who are they?

One Rogue Reporter is the story of Rich Peppiatt, a tabloid hack who snaps over his red top paper’s fixation with sensationalism over truth. When the phone hacking scandal engulfs Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, Rich decides to use the skills he’s honed on Fleet Street to turn the tables on the press barons peddling sex, lies and scaremongering under the cloak of journalism. The result is a hilarious documentary: part exposé, part comedy, part cri de coeur against unaccountable press power. Read More…

Extra: Bishop Michael Hill, “Edward Colston’s involvement in slave trade just ‘speculation'”

Bristol Cathedral West Front

With Bishop of Bristol the Right Reverend Michael Hill

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At today’s Merchant Venturers’ Charter Day Service in Bristol Cathedral the Bishop of Bristol The Right Reverend Michael Hill made the extraordinary statement to hundreds of schoolchildren in his sermon that rumours Bristol born seventeenth and eighteenth century merchant and MP Edward Colston made money from the slave trade are just ‘speculation’.

Read More…

Dialect – Aldous Huxley – is hypnosis of the masses possible?

Charcot demonstrating hypnosis on a "hysterical" Salpêtrière patient, "Blanche" (Blanche Wittmann), who is supported by Dr. Joseph Babiński (rear). Note the similarity to the illustration of opisthotonus (tetanus) on the back wall.

plus the miscarriage of justice of 69 year old veterinary surgeon Maurice Kirk

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More about the terrible miscarriage of justice of 69 year old veterinary surgeon Maurice Kirk by South Wales police. This week his ex-wife Janet Kirk comes in to give us her version of events leading up to Maurice being imprisoned on trumped up charges. Maurice upset the daughter of a South Wales police superintendent who was linked to drugs and has been persecuted by the force ever since.

Andrew Dent reports on his partner who had a mental health episode – what did he learn from the experience?

Aldous Huxley speaks in 1962 about ‘The Ultimate Revolution’, the possibilities of a police state growing out of mass hypnosis.

Dialect – New album Background Music from The Transpersonals

plus Extended opening hours at The Bristol Free Shop

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Snippets tonight from The Transpersonals‘ new album ‘Background Music’ with Tim Hurford, Luke Barter and Matty Bane. Tracks are Happy Holiday, Secret Garden and There You Go while the band discuss Bristol as a place to make music, their influences and how the music industry has changed.

Aldous Huxley discusses hypnotism etc. from his 1962 lecture ‘The Ultimate Revolution’. Read More…

Dialect – Bristol Mayor cutting disabled care ‘as a matter of principle’?

Photo of Aaron Schwartz wearing an Electronic Frontier Foundation tee-shirt

plus Ed Lander joins us to discuss young software genius Aaron Schwartz who ‘committed suicide’

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Punk singer/songwriter Rita Lynch joins us again this week to discuss the halving of the number of beds at Bush Residential Care home in Hengrove which Bristol’s Mayor George Ferguson failed to protect. Her 13 year old son Jimmy is one of those whose respite care access to the centre is under threat.

Car computer hacked? Cherie Townsend describes the feeling of being robbed when a simple trip to the car mechanic to fix a tiny problem ended up costing her £800.

Ed Lander joins us to discuss young software genius Aaron Schwartz who ‘committed suicide’ while on trial by the FBI for adding vast amounts of public data to the internet. He fought SOPA and PIPA laws which sought to limit online file sharing and explained the issues to anyone who would listen. Read More…

Dialect – The Red Road To Arnhem UK/US/German fear of Communism in 1944

The Battle for Arnhem, old photo

plus A Dutchman’s view of the 1944 liberation of Holland

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The Red Road To Arnhem

Kees De Heyg from Dutch village of Ede, now living near Torun, Poland

Also here

Operation Market Garden and deals done between the Nazis and the Allies in 1944


Monday 20 October 2015

But before that….

This week we hear from Sabine McNeill from www.victims-unite.net about the latest litany of horrors from Britain’s injustice system. Fiona Woolf’s National Inquiry into Whitehall and Westminster Child Sexual Abuse. Cuts to the police, but is that good or bad for victims of abuse like Brian Peade. A young mum’s video about child snatching. The Association of McKenzie Friends. The International Conference on Child Removal in Prague organised through The Council of Europe. The latest on unjustly imprisoned Flying Vet Maurice Kirk and the ‘Too Much Ness’ of it all. Read More…

Dialect – Are Bristol Rovers FC property developers or just speculators?

plus with Diana Scrafton from TRASH Horfield campaign

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Diana Scrafton from TRASH Horfield explains that Bristol Rovers is a failed football club who hope to make £20-30 million from the sale of the First World War Memorial Ground they own in Bristol to Sainsbury’s Supermarket chain. But why is Bristol’s Mayor Ferguson, who came to power on championing small retailers, supporting the supermarket? Is George still friends with fellow Merchant Venturer Edward Ware who is on the board of Bristol Rovers?

Planning application is in to extend the hours to 12 midnight to 5am when Sainsbury’s delivery lorries will be allowed to come through the small roads to and from the proposed site. Land has still not been sold and Bristol Rovers are now suing Sainsbury’s.

Mixed reaction from Bristol Rovers fans as club to sue Sainsbury’s

By The Bristol Post | Posted: August 27, 2014

The proposed new Sainsbury’s store which is due to be built on the current site of the Memorial Stadium in Horfield
BRISTOL Rovers’ fans have given a mixed reaction to revelations that the club is suing Sainsbury’s over allegedly dragging its heels to build a new store at the Memorial Stadium.

The Bristol Post exclusively revealed yesterday that the club has issued a writ against the supermarket chain for alleged breaches of contract over the planned redevelopment of its current ground. It is claiming nearly £340,000 from Sainsbury’s as a result of legal fees and soaring building costs due to the alleged delays.

Rovers’ chairman Nick Higgs has come in for a kicking from some fans over the issue while others have given him their backing.

Jim Chappell, chairman of the Bristol Rovers Supporters’ Club, said: “It’s obvious to anyone connected with the club that there have been problems as building work has not started yet….


Extract from Brave New World author Aldous Huxley’s 1962 talk at Berkeley University, California entitled The Ultimate Revolution

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