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Dialect – The Red Road To Arnhem UK/US/German fear of Communism in 1944

The Battle for Arnhem, old photo

plus A Dutchman’s view of the 1944 liberation of Holland

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The Red Road To Arnhem

Kees De Heyg from Dutch village of Ede, now living near Torun, Poland

Also here

Operation Market Garden and deals done between the Nazis and the Allies in 1944


Monday 20 October 2015

But before that….

This week we hear from Sabine McNeill from www.victims-unite.net about the latest litany of horrors from Britain’s injustice system. Fiona Woolf’s National Inquiry into Whitehall and Westminster Child Sexual Abuse. Cuts to the police, but is that good or bad for victims of abuse like Brian Peade. A young mum’s video about child snatching. The Association of McKenzie Friends. The International Conference on Child Removal in Prague organised through The Council of Europe. The latest on unjustly imprisoned Flying Vet Maurice Kirk and the ‘Too Much Ness’ of it all. Read More…


Liar Politicians: UK Party Leaders’ Pre-Election Debate 2010

15 April 2010 – 20:30 ITV
audio: BBC Radio 4, LBC 97.3
Granada Studios, Manchester, ITV Studios, Alastair Stewart

Download audio – 128Kbps, 86mb, 1hr32min

First Election Debate: Domestic Affairs

Instant polling after the first debate showed Nick Clegg as the winner, with most showing David Cameron came second and Gordon Brown last:

Results of opinion polls asking voters whom they considered to have won the first debate

  • ITV News/ComRes: 43% for Clegg, 26% for Cameron, 20% for Brown
  • Sky News/Fizzback: 37% for Clegg, 32% for Brown, 31% for Cameron
  • Times/Populus: 61% for Clegg, 22% for Cameron and 17% for Brown
  • Sun/YouGov: 51% for Clegg, 29% for Cameron, 19% for Brown
  • Angus Reid Public Opinion: 49% for Clegg, 20% for Cameron, 18% for Brown

Average viewing figures for the debate were 9.4 million, with a peak of 10.3 million, equivalent to a share of the audience of 37%. The BARB produced audience figures indicated that the total television audience for the event on ITV was 9,679,000 viewers. The debates caused a large, immediate, and unexpected impact on opinion polls in favour of the Liberal Democrats, leading to many headlines regarding a ‘Yellow Surge’. Read More…

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