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Dialect – Keynsham’s Local Paper The Week in East Bristol and North East Somerset

Cover of The Week In Keynsham newspaper

plus the fiasco of flooding in the Somerset Levels

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Discussion around two big stories in Keynsham – firstly the closure of the Cadbury’s factory and takeover by Kraft foods who are now selling the site for housing. Why was the factory sold and why did Kraft not keep it open? Also the redevelopment of Keynsham town centre & civic centre. Will there be a new leisure centre as part of the redevelopment to replace the old one or not. We hear that appears, amazingly, to be an open question. Stephen says he’s apolitical and that’s helped his circulation crawl up to around 15,000.

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Interview – UK 2000 person autonomous ecovillage design

plus Ecoville 2000 – a brilliant ecovillage design squased by the UK & French governments

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Ecoville 2000 was a giant ecovillage project developed at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales in the 1990s. Roger was director of CAT and one of the project leaders.

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