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Dialect – Aldous Huxley – is hypnosis of the masses possible?

Charcot demonstrating hypnosis on a "hysterical" Salpêtrière patient, "Blanche" (Blanche Wittmann), who is supported by Dr. Joseph Babiński (rear). Note the similarity to the illustration of opisthotonus (tetanus) on the back wall.

plus the miscarriage of justice of 69 year old veterinary surgeon Maurice Kirk

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More about the terrible miscarriage of justice of 69 year old veterinary surgeon Maurice Kirk by South Wales police. This week his ex-wife Janet Kirk comes in to give us her version of events leading up to Maurice being imprisoned on trumped up charges. Maurice upset the daughter of a South Wales police superintendent who was linked to drugs and has been persecuted by the force ever since.

Andrew Dent reports on his partner who had a mental health episode – what did he learn from the experience?

Aldous Huxley speaks in 1962 about ‘The Ultimate Revolution’, the possibilities of a police state growing out of mass hypnosis.


Dialect – The Red Road To Arnhem UK/US/German fear of Communism in 1944

The Battle for Arnhem, old photo

plus A Dutchman’s view of the 1944 liberation of Holland

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The Red Road To Arnhem

Kees De Heyg from Dutch village of Ede, now living near Torun, Poland

Also here

Operation Market Garden and deals done between the Nazis and the Allies in 1944


Monday 20 October 2015

But before that….

This week we hear from Sabine McNeill from www.victims-unite.net about the latest litany of horrors from Britain’s injustice system. Fiona Woolf’s National Inquiry into Whitehall and Westminster Child Sexual Abuse. Cuts to the police, but is that good or bad for victims of abuse like Brian Peade. A young mum’s video about child snatching. The Association of McKenzie Friends. The International Conference on Child Removal in Prague organised through The Council of Europe. The latest on unjustly imprisoned Flying Vet Maurice Kirk and the ‘Too Much Ness’ of it all. Read More…

Dialect – Civil prosecution against South Wales Police killed as plaintiff is arrested & jailed

plus 70 year old Maurice Kirk – appalling miscarriage of justice in Cardiff

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Celia Jeune is a former magistrate and the sister of jailed ex-vet and 70 year old aviator Maurice Kirk. Maurice was just about to file his final papers in a private civil prosecution of South Wales Police for persecution when he was arrested by South Wales police, charged, jailed on spurious charges and branded a dangerous threat to society. Read More…

Dialect – Altering digital history at the Ministry of Truth

plus ‘Child stealing by the state’ returning children to their natural parents

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This week we hear the tragic news that our regular contributor Maurice Kirk is in Cardiff prison after fighting to clear his name for being stopped over and over again by South Wales police and forced to produce his vehicle documents. More on this possible corruption and abuse of the criminal justice system in future weeks.

Sabine McNeill also tells us about changes this week to the family court system reducing waiting times in half and how Christopher Booker in the Daily Telegraph has mentioned her ‘child stealing by the state’ crusade to return children to their natural parents.

Read More…

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