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Dialect – Palestine and the centuries old Machiavellian school of war

plus Webster Tarpley is author of ‘9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA’

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In a special show this week we look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. It’s obvious to the world that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want peace. The history is that Britain created this problem in 1947 by creating the state of Israel while under attack from the Jewish Irgun terrorists. Jason Yannacopoulos is not sure whether the conflict will ever end until someone somewhere intervenes but the Western powers refuse to do so, supporting the militarily superior Israelis.

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Extra: Inside the G4S Olympics Security Fiasco

With Ben Fellows & Tony Gosling

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At a talk given at the Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, on the Wednesday evening before the Olympics began undercover reporter Ben Fellows and radio journalist Tony Gosling give their accounts of the alternative media story that was the prelude to thousands of military personnel and police being drafted in to take over from private security firm G4S. Ben describes conditions a month before the Olympics with his security training being a total shambles and as he says himself – all a terrorist needed to do to get into the Olympics was to join the queue.

Tony Gosling then goes on to scope out the mainstream media landscape in Britain puncturing the illusion that we have a free press in the UK and also to look at the wider context, the financial crisis, impending war in the Middle East and the descent of the benchmark BBC into dumbed down trivia over the last 25 years since Victor Rothschild asked Marmaduke Hussey to sack the BBC’s last truly independent Director General Alasdair Milne.

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