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Dialect – Bristol Older Peoples’ Forum BOPF

plus Former head teacher Angela Auset talks about Bristol forum

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Liar Politicians: UK Party Leaders’ Pre-Election Debate 2010

15 April 2010 – 20:30 ITV
audio: BBC Radio 4, LBC 97.3
Granada Studios, Manchester, ITV Studios, Alastair Stewart

Download audio – 128Kbps, 86mb, 1hr32min

First Election Debate: Domestic Affairs

Instant polling after the first debate showed Nick Clegg as the winner, with most showing David Cameron came second and Gordon Brown last:

Results of opinion polls asking voters whom they considered to have won the first debate

  • ITV News/ComRes: 43% for Clegg, 26% for Cameron, 20% for Brown
  • Sky News/Fizzback: 37% for Clegg, 32% for Brown, 31% for Cameron
  • Times/Populus: 61% for Clegg, 22% for Cameron and 17% for Brown
  • Sun/YouGov: 51% for Clegg, 29% for Cameron, 19% for Brown
  • Angus Reid Public Opinion: 49% for Clegg, 20% for Cameron, 18% for Brown

Average viewing figures for the debate were 9.4 million, with a peak of 10.3 million, equivalent to a share of the audience of 37%. The BARB produced audience figures indicated that the total television audience for the event on ITV was 9,679,000 viewers. The debates caused a large, immediate, and unexpected impact on opinion polls in favour of the Liberal Democrats, leading to many headlines regarding a ‘Yellow Surge’. Read More…

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