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The New American Empire – award winning Discussion

British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

from Commonwealth FM in 2005

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Dialogue – Commonwealth FM: The New American Empire (AUDIO)

Just posted on the web is this hour long discussion programme from Commonwealth FM recorded late in November 2004.

Spokesperson for Bristol Stop The War Martin Summers, US Naval Intelligence veteran Kenyon Gibson and local doctor Chris Burns-Cox discuss the New American Empire.

They round up with a look at what 2005 is likely to bring and how/where we might find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Extra: JFK assassination went right to the top

with Tony Gosling

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50yrs after JFK assassination: Choose your side in the war on freedom

Make no mistake: the ‘American Dream’ was mortally wounded alongside John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

The President’s unpunished murder was an ‘open season’ declaration on the elected leadership in the West. ‘Robbed’ of their 1962 Cuban nuclear war, the assassins were letting the whole world know who was ‘The Daddy’.

Fifty years on we seem to be losing the same war for democratic control of our governments. Bankster robber barons and their Military Industrial Complex sidekicks are crawling all over the British cabinet. US Secretary of State John Kerry is still at it too. Despite being nominally a Democrat like JFK, he spends every waking hour in search of enemies, trying, by fair means and foul, to provoke war with Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

Perhaps he has a death wish? Perhaps it is Kerry’s lying-in-a-coffin initiation into Yale University’s Brotherhood of Death, the Skull and Bones Society, that blinds him to the likelihood his avarice will spark a global nuclear exchange with Russia? Just like the 1962 provocateurs, cut from the same cloth he doesn’t give a damn.

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