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Interview – UK 2000 person autonomous ecovillage design

plus Ecoville 2000 – a brilliant ecovillage design squased by the UK & French governments

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Ecoville 2000 was a giant ecovillage project developed at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales in the 1990s. Roger was director of CAT and one of the project leaders.

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Extra: Inside the G4S Olympics Security Fiasco

With Ben Fellows & Tony Gosling

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At a talk given at the Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, on the Wednesday evening before the Olympics began undercover reporter Ben Fellows and radio journalist Tony Gosling give their accounts of the alternative media story that was the prelude to thousands of military personnel and police being drafted in to take over from private security firm G4S. Ben describes conditions a month before the Olympics with his security training being a total shambles and as he says himself – all a terrorist needed to do to get into the Olympics was to join the queue.

Tony Gosling then goes on to scope out the mainstream media landscape in Britain puncturing the illusion that we have a free press in the UK and also to look at the wider context, the financial crisis, impending war in the Middle East and the descent of the benchmark BBC into dumbed down trivia over the last 25 years since Victor Rothschild asked Marmaduke Hussey to sack the BBC’s last truly independent Director General Alasdair Milne.

Western Financial Tyranny or Nazi 4th Reich?

G4S Olympics scandal & Nazi hunting in S. America

George Butler welcomes Tony Gosling to the program for an update from Bristol England…….
Tony’s Site is www.bilderberg.org – see two videos of Tony’s work.
Topics of Discussion: Olympic Games G4S private security flap – and BMW Martin Bormann network’s Nazi Connections

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Germany’s Four Reichs: Origins and Development, seeking World Domination in ruthless terror by Harry Beckhough
Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile – By Paul Manning
Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich ……..

Summary: http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/secretTruth/

George Butler spent three years in the U.S. Army, the last year in West Berlin, Germany, he witnessed the vulgarities and cruelties of the Berlin Wall. Today he speaks out about preserving our rights. His concerned about America’s and the World’s slide toward fascism motivated him along with Charlotte “Littlefield” Brown to launch the radio talk show program in the fall of 2006 “The Secret Truth”. In addition his musical drama GIVE THEM A CHANCE was performed in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2007. The musical drama not only speaks about giving our children a chance but also vehemently reflects present struggles and echoes, warnings from the past that must not be ignored. Today, America and the World are experiencing a great transformation and Mr. Butler is intent on trying to awaken the citizenry to present dangerous trends. This new program will focus on worldly, national and local changes affecting our freedoms and liberties.
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