Dialect – TTIP fascists destroy EU/US democracy in giant corporate empire?

Underground chapel carved out of the rock

plus Beer Quarry Caves – John Scott

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Beer Quarry Caves, Quarry Lane, Beer – East Devon

Location – Between Beer and Branscombe

Many of us marvel at the intricacy of stonemasons’ work on numerous stately buildings, cathedrals and churches. But do we ever stop to consider where the stone came from and the history of the excavation behind it? Read More…


Dialect – Civil prosecution against South Wales Police killed as plaintiff is arrested & jailed

plus 70 year old Maurice Kirk – appalling miscarriage of justice in Cardiff

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Celia Jeune is a former magistrate and the sister of jailed ex-vet and 70 year old aviator Maurice Kirk. Maurice was just about to file his final papers in a private civil prosecution of South Wales Police for persecution when he was arrested by South Wales police, charged, jailed on spurious charges and branded a dangerous threat to society. Read More…

Dialect – Maggie Tuttle: Children Screaming To Be Heard

screenshot of 'children screaming to be heard' website

plus Jason Yannacopoulos’ final Private Eye review

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Mike Bolton’s campaign for A Good Society:

We are in the worst recession in memory or longer. We have a government that is pursuing, nay, forcing through an agenda of wholesale privatisation, which was not of their election manifesto, nor has it been announced in the Queen’s speech. Their whole agenda is unconstitutional. Read More…

Dialect – Bristol Cannabis Club & NORML-UK

Disused corridor in Barrow Gurney

plus Austerity causing mental illness

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Consultant psychotherapist and psychiatrist Ray Brown tells us how his work as an anaesthetist and the psychology of people under anaesthetic got him interested in the profession. He takes us through the and effect of the closure of Barrow Gurney mental hospital. Austerity causing mental illness and depression since blameless vulnerable people are being blamed and then deprived of food. Section 136 of the Mental health act leaving hundreds of mentally ill people in police cells but a new unit opening as a ‘place of safety’ at Southmead Hospital.

Pix of Barrow Mental Hospital, Barrow Gurney, Bristol Read More…

Dialect – From Shakespeare to Hitler, Tarpley’s ‘craft’ of warmongering

The Bristol Cable logo

plus The Bristol Cable challenging the Tory press

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Alon Aviram joins us from new venture The Bristol Cable, a media publishing collective set up as a co-operative to challenge the Tory owned press in the city. He explains how it works and how often the print version will be published as well as giving is a sneak preview of some of the investigations they will be conducting.  Read More…

Dialect – Bristol’s Palestine Ambassadors Occupy the BBC

BBC Bristol TV Studios on Whiteladies Road

plus WWI and its 3 poisonous cousins George, Wilhelm & Nicholas

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Rita Cangialousi & Eddie James join us this week to discuss why BBC Bristol have failed to report the occupation going on on their Whiteladies Road lawn over their biased coverage of the Gaza genocide. They give some of the background to and context of the conflict which the BBC refuse to do. Why did the BBC tell Max Keiser when he worked for them that he was “Not allowed to discuss Israel in any context”? We also hear that Kirsty at the BBC pulled an interview from the ‘Best of BCfm’ show with former shadow foreign secretary Gerald Kaufman, whose Jewish family were murdered by the Nazis in World War Two, as ‘unbalanced’. Read More…

Dialect – Gaza ‘blackmail’: ex UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Gerald Kaufman

Gerald Kaufman

plus Gerald Kaufman whose family were killed by the Nazis in World War two

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Jason Yannacopoulos reviews this week’s Private Eye magazine as well as looking a the latest government cruelty towards disabled people.

Mehrnaz Shahabi and Tony Gosling interview former shadow Foreign Secretary, now a backbench Labour MP Gerald Kaufman about the massacre and genocide in Gaza. Gerald’s family were killed by the Nazis in World War two but he believes the Israelis are using the Holocaust to ‘blackmail’ politicians into supporting current Israeli war crimes. Read More…

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