Dialect – The Red Road To Arnhem UK/US/German fear of Communism in 1944

The Battle for Arnhem, old photo

plus A Dutchman’s view of the 1944 liberation of Holland

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The Red Road To Arnhem

Kees De Heyg from Dutch village of Ede, now living near Torun, Poland

Also here

Operation Market Garden and deals done between the Nazis and the Allies in 1944


Monday 20 October 2015

But before that….

This week we hear from Sabine McNeill from www.victims-unite.net about the latest litany of horrors from Britain’s injustice system. Fiona Woolf’s National Inquiry into Whitehall and Westminster Child Sexual Abuse. Cuts to the police, but is that good or bad for victims of abuse like Brian Peade. A young mum’s video about child snatching. The Association of McKenzie Friends. The International Conference on Child Removal in Prague organised through The Council of Europe. The latest on unjustly imprisoned Flying Vet Maurice Kirk and the ‘Too Much Ness’ of it all.


This blog is about ensuring the credibility of the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse that was requested by the Magnificent Seven MPs; compensation for victims whose suffering is for life and thus NEVER ‘out of time’ as Rochdale Council would like to claim; freedom from persecution for whistleblowers the notion that lack of money is NEVER a reason for NOT compensating victims as the Bradbury Pound is the historic precedent for the Government creating money rather than banks.


Our main objectives must be to persuade the UK government to abolish “FORCED ADOPTION” and stop “PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME”. We have laws in the UK and those who break the laws are rightly punished. Unfortunately those who do NOT break the law are also punished and that makes the whole idea of the law absurd ! This applies especially to mothers whose babies are taken away at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” and later adopted by strangers ; Sir James Munby President of the family courts recently described the removal of children from families as the most drastic matter handled by the courts since the abolition of capital punishment (hanging). Child cruelty should be the business of the police and the criminal courts; in which case all parents would be presumed innocent of child abuse or neglect unless charged with such an offence and subsequently found guilty beyond reasonable doubt by a JURY (If longterm separation of child from parent is a possibility)


Kees De Heyg is a Dutchman now living in Poland who was brought up in the village of Ede. He met many war veterans as he grew up Bristish, American and Polish and is convinced ‘something is very wrong’ with the official history of the battle. Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery met with General Dwight Eisenhower on 10th September 1944 onboard an aircraft at Melsbroek airfield near Brussels to agree Operation Market Garden, but Kees believes it was Eisenhower’s plan not Monty’s as ‘history records’. Through secret channels Eisenhower wanted peace with the Germans and for the Germans to keep on fighting with the Allies against the Russians.

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