Dialect – Are Bristol Rovers FC property developers or just speculators?

plus with Diana Scrafton from TRASH Horfield campaign

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Diana Scrafton from TRASH Horfield explains that Bristol Rovers is a failed football club who hope to make £20-30 million from the sale of the First World War Memorial Ground they own in Bristol to Sainsbury’s Supermarket chain. But why is Bristol’s Mayor Ferguson, who came to power on championing small retailers, supporting the supermarket? Is George still friends with fellow Merchant Venturer Edward Ware who is on the board of Bristol Rovers?

Planning application is in to extend the hours to 12 midnight to 5am when Sainsbury’s delivery lorries will be allowed to come through the small roads to and from the proposed site. Land has still not been sold and Bristol Rovers are now suing Sainsbury’s.

Mixed reaction from Bristol Rovers fans as club to sue Sainsbury’s

By The Bristol Post | Posted: August 27, 2014

The proposed new Sainsbury’s store which is due to be built on the current site of the Memorial Stadium in Horfield
BRISTOL Rovers’ fans have given a mixed reaction to revelations that the club is suing Sainsbury’s over allegedly dragging its heels to build a new store at the Memorial Stadium.

The Bristol Post exclusively revealed yesterday that the club has issued a writ against the supermarket chain for alleged breaches of contract over the planned redevelopment of its current ground. It is claiming nearly £340,000 from Sainsbury’s as a result of legal fees and soaring building costs due to the alleged delays.

Rovers’ chairman Nick Higgs has come in for a kicking from some fans over the issue while others have given him their backing.

Jim Chappell, chairman of the Bristol Rovers Supporters’ Club, said: “It’s obvious to anyone connected with the club that there have been problems as building work has not started yet….


Extract from Brave New World author Aldous Huxley’s 1962 talk at Berkeley University, California entitled The Ultimate Revolution


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