Dialect – A Montpelier view of the Bristol Mayor with Simon Lewis

plus Facebook a front for fascist security services like the Nazis?

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This week we start with chair of the Montpelier Residents’ Forum Simon Lewis who stood as a candidate for the ‘Birthday Party’ in the May 2013 local elections. He used to chair the Ashley Neighbourhood partnership until describing one of the local councillors as a ‘green fascist’ and then being ‘elbowed out’ by St Paul’s Unlimited. Simon grows vegetables on his roof and is particularly worried about the forthcoming residents’ parking scheme coming to Montpelier. Raising questions too about the Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson and his Bristol slave trading society of Merchant Venturer roots.

George is a multi-millionaire and owns The Canteen on Stokes Croft but is this his political ‘trojan horse’ in an important part of the city designed as PR for all the Stokes Croft customers? Simon believes the city has become far less democratic under Mayor Ferguson.

Jason Yannacopoulos looks at this week’s cabinet reshuffle and delights at the removal of Michael Gove from the Department for Education. What about the new cabinet though? Does it reflect the country any better than before? Not according to the Huffington Post and there is only one beard around the 23 strong cabinet table, unlike in our studio where there are three.

Elia Pablo looks again at the naughty deeds of Facebook behind the scenes manipulating their users and stealing their private information. Even taking that information and making it public without asking users. Facebook have also been threatening users with removing their accounts unless they give more accurate information. The way they behave Facebook seem just to be a tool, or front, for fascist security services like the Nazi World War Two Gestapo. More revelations from Edward Snowden this week about GCHQ manipulating our perceptions with public money and hacking but nobody in the UK seems to want to deal with them just give them more of our money to spy on us and manipulate us even more.



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About dialectradio

Dialect Radio was Bristol’s first weekly internet radio show which was originally webcast in 2002. It broadcasts a mixture of local human interest stories along with analysis of community issues from right to housing to radical history.

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