Dialect – CIA Leads US into war after war, tries for WW3

plus Facebook concedes on data mining, or does it?

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Jason this week looks at Private Eye again where he takes a look at World Cup corruption and the backtracking of David Beckham who is somehow involved in big FIFA decisions. Also the Major Projects Authority of the UK Government says the Government’s benefits reforms are grinding to a halt, presently hitting AMBER rating but we have not been told this was last year’s stating it was just kept secret! The secret courts judge Andrew Nicol earlier in his career explained why secret courts would be a total disaster. Thailand has just had a military coup and another death in Custody, this time in Brixton, results in a police cover-up and dark manoeuvrings.

Elia Pablo looks at Facebook’s plans for more openness, but are they just wanting more of our data to sell on to marketing companies. Here’s the article!

Facebook Is Expanding the Way It Tracks You and Your Data

The social giant is digging into information from your smartphone and tracking the other websites you visit.

There’a a key nugget buried in this morning’s New York Times story about how Facebook is going to give its users the ability to see why certain ads are targeted to them. Starting this week, the Times reports,

“the company will tap data it already collects from people’s smartphones and other websites they visit to improve its ad targeting. Users can opt out of such extended tracking, but they will have to visit a special ad industry website and adjust their smartphone settings to do so.”

In other words, Facebook is giving users a glimpse of what marketers already know about them, but it is also going to allow marketers to target users based on more detailed information, even though it won’t actually give the marketers the user data—which makes sense, given that Facebook’s business model is largely built on the data you provide.


We once again examine that dark, vicious world of the CIA — the use of U.S. labour organizations, the overthrow of legitimate governments, providing arms to favoured groups, covert use of the American mass media, U.S. torture schools and CIA torture supervisors abroad — all resulting in great human suffering and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and in the maintenance of repressive regimes. Sections of the meticulously documented, award-winning film _On Company Business_ are interspersed with the comments of ex-CIA officer John Stockwell, and Molly Dougherty who worked on the film. John also comments about the pending legal action against him by the CIA, and a fundraiser for his legal defense fund, to be held at the University of Texas. Recorded June, 1980



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