Dialect – Unreported Republican protests as Spanish king abdicates

plus Will Digital ID migrate into the micro-chipping of humans?

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This week we go back to hear an update from a former correspondent, a single mum from North Wales, Julie Beal. She has been looking into the government’s plans to get us all to have a privatised universal digital ID, like the ID card we thought we’d successfully campaigned against only on-line. Julie explains what it will be used for: benefits; banking; HMRC Tax Returns… everything. And if you don’t have the ‘Open ID’, ‘Global Smart ID’ or EID you won’t be allowed to do it. Like many others Julie is worried that this technology will be migrated into the micro-chipping of humans in a slave-like fascist future UK.


Julie-Anne Burrows joins us from Digital Inclusion people ‘Get It Together Bristol‘ who offers courses for older people and others to get on-line with confidence. She can also come out to groups to offer the course to other community groups with the idea of getting everyone on-line. Julie-Anne’s number is 07785 452568

Elia Pablo looks at this week’s story: the imminent arrival of the ‘Gameover Zeus’ botnet: How does it work? Are the FBI or the NCA doing anything to protect us? What can we do to protect our computers? What’s the bigger picture since the Edward Snowden revelations this time last year?


Elia also gives us an insight into the abdication of the Spanish King, Juan Carlos. We hear how fascist General Franco put him in power and how he killed his brother by shooting him in the forehead also how he is separated from Queen Sofia who lives in London. The new king will be Felipe whose wife Letizia was a state TV newsreader who he fell in love with while watching TV. Republican protests across Spain have not been reported on mainstream TV in the rest of the Western world.

Jason takes us through the weeks Private Eye news looking at tax avoidance by Vodafone in Luxembourg, GlaxoSmithKlein drug company being done for bribery, whistle-blowing at the DWP, seriously ill patients not getting their mediations in the privatised NHS and a Reality TV show on Mars which Jason, thankfully, will not be applying to appear on.

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