Dialect – BBC West victimise, bully & sack disabled presenter

BBC West's Bristol headquarters

plus Council Disabled Respite Care Cuts

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Annie Walker joins us to discuss proposed closure of beds at Bristol City Council’s Bush Respite Care Centre in Hengrove. She explains how crucial respite care is and how to help by signing the petition on the council’s website.

Petition: The Mayor not to reduce the number of beds at The Bush Residential Centre for disabled children

We the undersigned appeal to The Mayor not to reduce the number of beds available for overnight respite at The Bush Residential Centre for disabled children.

These beds are currently used by some of the most vulnerable disabled children and pressured families in our city.

Background information: These beds are currently used by some of the most vulnerable children in Bristol, families who are under great pressure and regard the current service as a lifeline. Ref. Short Breaks and other services for disabled children Consultation Draft v.25.4.14.

The consultation finishes on June 30 for more information visit: www.citizenspace.com/bristol/cyps/short-breaks/consult_view

Read more at http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bush-residential-centre-provides-taste-normal/story-21071781-detail/story.html

Elia Pablo talks about recent attempts to sue GCHQ and the NSA for stealing the public’s private data and hacking all of our computers.

Jason and Tony discuss the eighteenth century Hell Fire Club and relate it to today’s Bullingdon Club which Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Dimbleby were in.

BBC presenter David Lowe was sacked this week (the man ultimately responsible is BBC West chief Lucio Mesquita) for playing a 1930s song with the ‘n’ word in it despite having submitted the show for managers to listen to first. Prime Minster David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson both weighed in demanding he be reinstated but David has suffered badly with the bullying and while he has been offered his show back he may have to wait a while to recover. BBC HR people and managers, ‘public servants’, should be sacked instead for their cruelty against one of their disabled employees.

This sort of bullying also happened to BBC West’s brilliant Sunday request show presenter Helen Reed back in 2002

‘A BBC radio presenter who accused a “bullying” boss of forcing her out of her job was awarded £5,300 in compensation yesterday after winning a claim for unfair dismissal. Helen Reed, 44, who worked for BBC Radio Bristol for seven years, claimed Jenny Lacey took an “instant dislike” to her.’


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