Dialect – What to do if local thugs are shooting at your house

plus Smartphones and just how safe they are (not)

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We’re joined by David Solomon from Knowle this week who explains how Avon & Somerset police have failed to deal with local drug dealers. The criminals have been shooting at his house and at garden birds and he has had air gun pellets whizzing over his head. Eventually he had an apology from the police but there have still been no arrests as the whole neighbourhood is terrorised by what David believes are cannabis and crack cocaine drug dealers. He gives us his advice about how to deal with this kind of extreme anti social behaviour when the police initially refuse to listen. 

Jason Yannacopoulos looks at some of this week’s Private Eye stories including David Willets MP pulling apart the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA); the Royal Charter on the Press and how newspapers have been trying to stop it with propaganda (CPBF); UKIP getting support from several UK newspapers; Rupert Murdoch tweeting about the missing Malaysian airliner but always blaming the disappearance on Muslims; the Ministry of Defence (MoD); ATOS; crooked Culture Secretary Maria Miller clings on to power in a most undignified manner.

Elia Pablo and Ed Lander look at Smartphones and just how safe they are. Millions of us use them but only a handful of us really know what those phones are doing behind our back. We hear particularly about a stealthy App called ‘Carrier IQ’, part of Google’s Android, which is sending everything about us including passwords to an unknown source.

Carrier IQ Part #2

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