Dialect – Rise and Fall of Public Housing with Barrie Dale

plus Was Tony Blair a Rosicrucian & what is the organisation?

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Barrie Dale lives in the West country and his family have always been involved in providing public housing. We ask whatever happened to the idea after world war one and two that public housing was a top priority for government? Barrie gives us his thoughts on how public policy on housing should change to make the sector work for everyone in the UK again.

Elia and Jason join us for a discussion about freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, what are these religious cults all about and are they, as they say, compatible with Christianity? Was Tony Blair a member of the Supreme Council based at ‘the other number 10′, 10 Duke Street St James’ Studholme (Alliance) Lodge 1591? Tony Gosling discusses his visit to Bristol Freemasons Hall and an exchange on the subject of Christianity and Freemasonry with Bristol’s Grand Master Fox. Elia is concerned again about Facebook security this week, a friend of hers found her pictures ‘tagged’ with her name automatically by Facebook by a night club that she had ‘liked’ – that enbled the club to automatically name all the people that were dancing there who had ‘liked’ their page without permission. Last week’s referendum in Venice voted 95% to secede from Rome, so Italy could be breaking up over the massive debt repayments to the loan sharks at the IMF and European Central Bank.

Questions too about this week’s news stories in Private Eye as ever showing politicians and government to be working too often against our interests.


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About dialectradio

Dialect Radio was Bristol’s first weekly internet radio show which was originally webcast in 2002. It broadcasts a mixture of local human interest stories along with analysis of community issues from right to housing to radical history.

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