Dialect – Half-Crimean single mum in Bristol discusses Ukraine crisis

Bob Crow at the Tolpuddle Festival

plus, a firewall for your Android phone?

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Jason Yannocopolous on this week’s death of Bob Crow and Private Eye stories: British companies being used to fund corruption in Ukraine; crooked bankers left off the list of people who have attended David Cameron’s residence at Chequers; debate in New Zealand over whether to drop the union jack from their flag and have a new one; Amazon doing deals with Google and other search engines to make competitors’ websites go down and down the search rankings so customers don’t find them. 

Half-Crimean Bristol single mum Irina Bondriuk gives us her views on the Ukraine crisis after the Kiev government was overthrown. She and her friends and family are worried about the new Kiev government since memories go back a long way to the Second World War. She says Crimea really is not part of Ukraine and that people there do not speak Ukrainian but Russian. They resent having had to pay so much in taxes to Kiev and having seen little or nothing in return but are not convinced the new government can change that. Everyone is worried about the neo-fascists who now have a big part in Kiev.

Ed Lander takes a look at some of the visionary ideas of George Orwell contained in his dystopian vision of 1984. How his ideas have translated into the reality in many of the Edward Snowden revelations. Groupthink, Doublespeak and Telescreens for example. Will the modern world heed Orwell’s warnings? Also, a firewall for your phone? A look at Vice.com article A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Online Life More Private In 2014



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