Dialect – The Electrical Interference Handbook by Norman Ellis

plus Bristol artist Steve Lacey

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Norman Ellis wrote the textbook on electrical interference and before he died last year he told Tony Gosling about his early days working for the Post Office’s Radio Research Establishment in fields near Newport and Bristol. Norman went on to help bring the first television pictures from London to Cardiff and work on the ground stations for the first satellites before joining Britain’s intelligence services at GCHQ and working as a consultant on the Channel Tunnel.

Also this week we hear from Bristol conceptual artist Steve Lacey who says his journey into art began when he, and three other chefs, experienced a poltergeist at the 1970s Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant 5-6 Triangle South, Bristol BS8 1EY ( later Grand City Chinese Restaurant 5-6 Clifton Triangle South, Bristol BS8 1EY ). He went on to create a large exhibition of three dimensional conceptual art around his ideas of the way power really works in the world, Freemasonry, prophecy and predictions of the future. His work can be found on-line in the following Unassimilated Research Group sites and more besides.



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Dialect Radio was Bristol’s first weekly internet radio show which was originally webcast in 2002. It broadcasts a mixture of local human interest stories along with analysis of community issues from right to housing to radical history.

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