The New American Empire – award winning Discussion

British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

from Commonwealth FM in 2005

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Dialogue – Commonwealth FM: The New American Empire (AUDIO)

Just posted on the web is this hour long discussion programme from Commonwealth FM recorded late in November 2004.

Spokesperson for Bristol Stop The War Martin Summers, US Naval Intelligence veteran Kenyon Gibson and local doctor Chris Burns-Cox discuss the New American Empire.

They round up with a look at what 2005 is likely to bring and how/where we might find the light at the end of the tunnel.

This audio discussion programme discusses American foreign policies and events surrounding the World Trade Centre disaster of 11th of September 2001. Speakers include an American ex-naval intelligence veteran now living in the UK, a former Bosnian aid worker and spokesperson for Bristol Stop the War group and a Doctor recently returned from aid work in Palestine.

The group present are largely anti-war, and against the US foreign policies, discussing America in terms of it becoming an Empire, suggesting shady Government dealings and political agendas hidden from public view. The speakers are very knowledgeable with specific areas of interest and expertise, and do enter a degree of debate on some issues, providing examples of questionable US Government actions where able.

A representative to defend US foreign policy was invited to join the discussion, but the US Embassy declined and sent a statement reiterating points President George Bush stated in 2003 regarding America’s aims to bering democracy to the world. The presenter does read this statement out and remarks that they were invited to speak in their defence.

The conclusion of the discussion, after raising many interesting and troubling issues about the actions of the US government and army, seems to be a desire to raise awareness of these type of issues and to get more people involved in politics and making the need for accountability more evident.

The programme is made by Commonwealth FM in Bristol, a community station encouraging people to get involved.

This audio programme lasts 53 minutes and 40 seconds.

More information can be found at

Credits: producer Tony Gosling
Kenyon Gibson, Martin Summers and Dr Chris Burns-Cox.
Won the Community Media Association (CMA)’s best discussion programme award for 2005!


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