Dialect – JFK 50th: Bill Cooper on the ruling Western masonic priesthood II

plus William Cooper on the ‘fraternal orders’ and the Illuminati

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Read on for the details of this week’s show…

Somerset Businessman Julian Parry explains how the refuse and waste industry in the modern world is controlled by vested interests against the interests of the public. His system JTP would not only do away with the multiple collections of waste but provide energy too to make reasonably clean electricity as well as sorting out solid waste such as metals and glass. Julian has also been looking into the global financial system which he believes is heading for a brick wall of some kind because of mounting unpayable debt slavery.

We hear from South African Engineer and businessman Richard Wardrup who met the Marcos family in the 1970s and is convinced that Adolf Hitler survived World War Two. After Stalin accused the allies of protecting Hitler MI6’s Hugh Trevor-Roper was sent to Berlin to write the story of what happened to Hitler at the end of the war. But Marlborough based former MI6 officer Harry Beckhough was also there and was refused permission to lift the tarpaulin supposedly covering Hitler’s body so he could identify who it was. It looks likely that a deal was done perhaps over nuclear weapons technology and Hitler was allowed to escape. Richard Wardrup explains that we are just pawns and the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and other big families really control what goes on in the world, including wars and wealth transfers, from behind the scenes.

Jason and Tony hear part 2 of William Cooper’s Lansing, Michigan talk which was recorded in 1996. This week he talks about how the ‘fraternal orders’ and the Illuminati have the aim of controlling all the religions and governments of the world.

Cooper gives a thought provoking lecture on the Illuminati, Freemasonry, freedom and the origins of mankind and Knowledge according to the Mystery Schools.
See also New World Order. – Become DANGEROUS… speak the TRUTH and inform your friends & family!!!

Rest in Peace Bill… – William Milton Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)



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