Dialect – Child Stealing by the State Downing Street demo: Fri19Jul

plus the final part of our Ecoville 2000 talk with Roger Kelly

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Read on for the details of this week’s show…

Sabine McNeill from http://www.victims-unite.net reports tonight from her prison visits and a demonstration in July outside Downing Street against Child Stealing by the State. Also the pope has issued a decree and we ask, could a local place of worship provide safety when the justice system breaks down?

“This protest is for the parents and family members who have had children stolen by the state. This protest is also open for attendance by anyone who wants to join and support us in our fight to have our stolen children returned. We also plan to march on Parliament the same day and get ourselves heard. The protest will take place on Friday 19th July 2013 at 10, Downing St where we will be demanding the immediate return of our stolen children. Enough is Enough and I for one am willing to turn this protest into an occupy movement and set up tents until we get some kind of response from the Prime Minister. The time as come for ACTION because the child stealing by the state should not be allowed to continue.”

We hear the latest installment of Roger Kelly’s talk about the innovative Ecoville 2000 Eco-village project and the role of eccentric ex army officer and old Etonian, founder of the Centre for Alternative Technology, Gerard Morgan-Grenville.

Jason Yannacopoulos takes a look at this week’s Private Eye explaining that while David Cameron has signed the G8 agreement to stop tax havens the actions are actually helping tax havens, as well as the http://www.wowpetition.com Prince Charles having secret monthly meetings with Cabinet ministers – so what happened to the English Civil War?

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