Music Download – Money Is God by Vili Ross

Money is god (live) – Vili’s live jazz – Vili Ross – live acoustic jazz

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 128Kbps, 4mins13s, 4mb

One of my own songs I play in the “Vili’s live jazz” program. I recorded it live rehearsing it on May 17th 2013. I wrote it about the cause of the financial crisis we’re in the midst of. I’ll add the lyrics. (see below)

Feel free to download it.

By the way; If you want me to play at your place. Email me.

Money is God. © Copyright 2010 Vili Ross. Words and music written by Vili Ross.

We destroy, waste, pollute our earth. We slave and die for what it’s worth. That’s loony.
‘Sounds funny when I say: “All ye faithful, believe! Please conceive:
“We created a god.”

By building temples. Calling them “banks”.
Donating our lives and give thanks.
We worship money.

Someone spoke: “You can’t drink , you can’t eat, you can’t shelter underneath,
a dollar bill, a credit card, a bank account or a dime.
‘Believe in Money’, is believing the lie the rich sell you to buy their illusion.” His words evoked confusion.

The man was accused of heresy. Tried and sentenced for blasphemy.
Standing under the gallows. Bound to be hanged.

Going back where all begins. Cleansed of his sins.
He reconciled himself with his destiny.

The hangman asked – tying the rope round his neck- :
“Before you go away; have you got anything to say?”
“Indeed.” He said. ” You just do your job. Entertain this mob.

But believe it or not: Money is God, created by the rich man’s greed.
Confining our mind to spins refined. ‘Thinking it’s all we need.

Money is God, WE OOH WE AA. ‘Stolen from us by the elite.
Money is God, WE OOH WE AA. It makes us financial slaves of their greed.
Money is God, WE OOH WE AA. You can’t shelter underneath it.
Money is God, WE OOH WE AA. You can’t drink , you can’t eat it.
Money is God, WE OOH WE AA.
Money is God, WE OOH WE AA.
Money is God.
Money is God.
Money is….

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