Dialect – Rough Justice for Gedaljahu Ebert

plus Kevin McGimsey on the experiences of writing to his MP Stephen Williams

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Gedaljahu Ebert tells his tale this week of white collar crime, having been made bankrupt by what he believes are crooked lawyers who, he says, have faked documents to destroy his residential property business. He works with Sabine McNeill of Victims Unite in an attempt to get justice in the courts.

We hear too from local man, Kevin McGimsey, who has been writing to his local MP Stephen WIlliams (LibDem) asking about how fair the austerity cuts are. He says Mr Williams takes much longer to reply to his letters than previous MPs William Waldegrave (Tory) and Valerie Davey (Labour). Mr WIlliams has still failed to reply to one of his letters of October 2012 about two of his vulnerable constituents, one who has been removed from disability benefit by ATOS despite being disabled, the other cannot get proper treatment from the NHS.

Part 2 of our chat with Enrique Ribiro whose father and uncle helped organise the Portuguese Revolution anti-fascist coup back in April 1974.

This week Jason has a refresher on Jack Lopresti MP (Tory)’s apparent arms dealing over in brutal oppressie regime Saudi Arabia which he visited in December 2012 with Oliver Colvile MP. Looking at the history of UK Saudi Arms deals relating to Yemen etc.


Private Eye no 1334, 22 February – 2 March 2013
HP Sauce p.10

EUROPEAN defence giant EADS still hopes to brush off bribery allegations concerning its British subsidiary GPT Special Project Management and a £2bn Saudi government contract (Eyes passim).

Despite strong words in the Middle East earlier this month, David Cameron, like Tony Blair before him, is thought not to be too keen on upsetting British-Saudi relations by prosecuting the corruption that sustains a dubious regime and billions of pounds’ worth of arms contracts.

Meanwhile, even as the Serious Fraud Office director David Green mulls the case, two Tory MPs are doing their bit for the business.

According to the register of members’ interests, Oliver Colvile, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, went on a three-day, £6,000 visit to Riyadh in December paid for by the Saudi government as part of a “UK Defence Forum delegation to gain an understanding of the political and security framework as related to the Saudi government”. The forum is a think-tank funded by big arms firms, including EADS. It is led by lobbyist Robin Ashby, who accompanied Colvile, and is run by his firm, Bergman PR.

Another Tory, Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti, went to the kingdom at the same time, also paid for by the Saudi government. Lopresti makes no mention of the UK Defence Forum but says he went “to meet with members of the Shura Council (the Riyadh parliament’s upper house), government ministers and various human rights groups”.

The Eye asked Mr Lopresti if in fact he had gone with the UK Defence Forum, and for more details of the human rights groups he met on a trip funded by a Saudi government that is traditionally keener on deals than on rights. Answer came there none.

Things are looking less cosy in the US, certainly for EADS, with the FBI reportedly looking into the GPT case. A fair chunk of the offshore payments, as the Eye first revealed, went through HSBC New York branches and the arrangements might well fall within the long reach of American law enforcers, despite their thoroughly British origins – as the Eye can this week reveal (see p39).


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