Dialect – Victims Unite online to defeat miscarriages of justice

Sabine McNeill of Victims Unite

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This week we are joined on the phone by the editor of Victims Unite website Sabine McNeill. She explains how her ‘Forum for Stable Currencies’ attracted victims of white collar crime and bankruptcy fraud. Leading to a deeper understanding of the cult-like secretive nature of the ‘money makers’, the private banking cartels across the world who have the Bank for International Settlements as their base in Basel, Switzerland. These international criminals manipulate their oligopoly of creating money as debt for the benefit of a virtually invisible plutocracy which dominates politics, industry and media in the western world from behind the scenes. Sabine McNeill explains how she would fix the broken money system if she were chancellor of the exchequer or governor of the Bank of England.

Flying Vet Maurice Kirk compares the legal jurisdictions in England to that in Wales. Again he describes a much worse system in Cardiff with court officials apparently beaking the law themselves by attempting to bar him from the courts.
Maurice also describes his escape from a crash landing following engine failure as he was flying his Piper Cub across the mountains into the city of Hiroshima in Japan.

Jason discusses a new book on disability and looks particularly at the historical role of the Victorian Workhouse where people who could not secure an income were condemned to slavery. Look at the origins of the term ‘dole’ which has been removed from the Encyclopedia Britannia. What is the origin of the word ‘dole’? Dole is a ‘slang’ expression for Social Security payments, Supplementary Benefit, Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance. The pre-Norman term changes but the word dole has never disappeared. Its origins are in Medieval systems of land tenure, the open field system and naturally evolved manorial system of land management, it is defined as follows:

“In the Saxon and British tongue, signified a part or portion, most commonly of a meadow, where several persons have shares”

Definition of DOLE; Encylopaedia Britannica, 1697, Edinburgh.

Population of UK c. 60m,
Acreage of UK c. 60m
So why have around 85-90% of UK residents not even one square inch they can truly call their own, ie not be turfed off of?
Mortgagees of course do not own land and can be evictedf if they fail to keep up their mortgage repayments – hapening more and more right now – effectively driving them into psychological angst & serfdom.

Overall principle being Social Security is a temporary, withdrawable, state compensation for land stolen during privatisation or enclosure.

For an explanation of why it was enclosures by the merchant class that were at the root of the origins of the English Civil War against the feudal class see here:

By The Sword Divided – [BBC DVD] [1983]

Charles I: The Commoners’ King – halting then reversing enclosure

Extent of Charles’ penalties on inclosers


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