The Banksters’ Scams in ‘The Secret Of Oz’ by Bill Still

It’s about who controls the quantity of money

Interview with Bill Still and Tony Gosling
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After viewing Bill Still’s award winning movie, “The Secret of Oz,” you will never view “The Wizard of Oz” or our economy with the same child eyed unawareness as I once did.

The Secret of Oz is a terrific analogy and Bill walks us all the way to REAL solutions that can move us past naive HOPE, and into a fulfilling future, one without debt based money and one without the manipulations and flaws of a gold standard. Bill pulls back the curtain of history to show how money issues have been boxed in over time – Republican/ Democrat, Gold Standard/ DEBT based fiat.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Bill’s movie, “The Secret of Oz” presents history in a fascinating way, he then picks up on author L. Frank Baum’s symbolisms and spells them all out for you – The yellow brick road, the silver slippers, the Emerald City, the mindless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Man, the cowardly Lion. Even the witches and flying monkeys have meanings that you will find fascinating.
Bill takes you on a trip around the world and through time, his journey returning us from the land of OZ back to the reality of Kansas. He spent a great deal of time and money bringing us this film, I highly encourage everyone to buy it and then show it to family and friends. Discuss it, but then ACT on it. Don’t leave it to HOPE that others will jump up and save the day, for we must all seize it, because hope is but a dream, it requires ACTION to make dreams come true.

Thirteen years ago, a documentary called “The Money Masters” asked the question why is America going broke?
Now, the question is how can we get out of this mess? Foreclosures, unemployment, etc. etc.
If something doesn’t change soon, our economy is on a long, slippery slope from here on out.
What can we do? First, understood and address the root cause of the problem.
The national debt is just like consumer debt, the interest that’s killing us.

The government can’t just print it’s own money anymore. It used to be that way. When Abraham Lincoln was in office, he printed his own money to win the Civil War.

Today, in our crazy money system, the government borrows money and then pays interest on it. That’s why they call it the National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. Politicians who are focusing on reducing the National Debt, don’t understand what the National Debt is. To reduce the National Debt would reduce our money supply, and there’s already too little of that.

You have to dig deeper. You have to get at the root of the problem in order to fix it. The solution really isn’t new or radical. America used to do it. Now sadly, that’s the distant past.

The good news is, we can just issue our own money, debt free! That is the simple solution. Talk about tax reform! That would solve all our financial problems!

The solution is a secret that’s been hidden from us for over 100 years – ever since the time L. Frank Baum wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

>>> You can check out the film FREE on YouTube by clicking here <<<

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